Best time to travel to Sapa Vietnam

Best time to travel to Sapa Vietnam

Best time to travel to Sapa Vietnam? Where to travel in your vacation more memorable and perfect? Moreover, the month before Tet is also time for the beautiful couple held the most important holiday of your life. You should go to be able to enjoy the feeling of warmth and happiness for their honeymoon. Ideal destination that is waiting for you to Sapa in the winter months.

Sapa is quite a lot of families and young couples initially entered married life choices. While pretty much deserted resort in Sapa in winter all year round not always lack of tourists both domestic and foreign. Simply because in this place, every season has its own interesting features waiting to be discovered.

Sapa is quite close to the point if you come from the North Central Province, about 370 km from Hanoi. This place is famous for the beautiful scenery, unspoiled villages and temperate climate.

If you booking Sapa tours in spring, you will be satisfied to see the plum blossom, cherry blossom everywhere. September, October, the terraced fields of grain through the golden glow captivates many adventurous travelers and those who want to take their own pictures really strange, it’s toxic.

In mid-winter, tourists – those who live in the tropics if luck will have the opportunity to watch the snow falling, trees, grass covered with rocks outside the white snow, in, that space becomes spectacular, unique fascination to the human heart.

And to Sapa in late November, the winter, the weather was also colder, but not frostbitten. Early morning, a small town like floating in the clouds, to stand so close, so close could clearly see people’s faces and scenes. But clean air is always strangely, gives a pleasant feeling for the many tourists everyday always have to live with noise and dust.

Sapa is also the ideal destination for a lot of young couples choose for their honeymoon. tour honeymoon sapa this time also a lot of travel company in Vietnam organized, incredibly diverse choice for you. With extremely reasonable prices, you will have a trip to Sapa meaningful, memorable life of their new marriage.

Or another way to save even more, you can also choose a hotel in Sapa for your favorite organization can honeymoon creative and meaningful life for his friends. Your marriage life will be beautiful and interesting to be a beautiful beginning!

Wishing you a Vietnam holiday warm and happy!

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