Nam Sai - The colorful paintings in Sapa

Nam Sai - The colorful paintings in Sapa

Sapa is more attractive travel in Vietnam option for visitors journey of discovery and conquest of the Northwest mountains with the famous destinations such as Ham Rong, Cat Cat, Ta Van, Ta Phin… but will not complete if visitors never once experience tours of Nam Sai community to learn specific cultures of ethnic minorities living here.
From the center of Sapa town about 28km south of the district, visitors come to enjoy the commune of Nam Sai are wonderful natural scenery, with magnificent Hoang Lien mountain range, the same message, the terraced fields like a charming picture. The climate is cool, fresh, gives people comfortable feeling.

Sai Nam commune to the center of Sapa town about 30km to the south, visitors not only enjoy fresh air, cool characteristic of the northern mountainous region; enjoy spectacular natural scenery with rolling Hoang Lien mountain range along the terraced fields spread untouched eye but also to live in an atmosphere of friendly people here who discover the beauty and culture village of Xa Pho, Tay, Dao, Giay people. Cultural identity of the ethnic make a colorful picture in the middle of rolling green forests and earth; Tay loving indigo black costume, and the radiometric features gowns show’s ingenious craftsmen with warm colors stand out on the black dots, Red Dao people with red outfit fresh as a radiant sun angle.

Incorrect according to the Tay language means “sandy springs”. The reason for incorrect name by the stream here often have a lot of sand. Between streams to hundreds of stones, small full strange shapes and unique. Both sides of the stream, forest trees and blooming flowers create a landscape painting vivid, charming. Between stream hundreds of small stones to complete the peculiar shape and unique, visitors can sit on the rocks and watch the sunset over the Hoang Lien mountain range so endlessly fascinating and .

By Nam Sai, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful waterfalls is 3 Fish Jumping waterfall cascades five thousand and three-story waterfall. Each operator carries a particular beauty, day and night roaring water, white foam down the cliff to create a cool atmosphere, great clarity among thousands. Falls short years many countries have less water in summer and in winter, the water roaring day and night to confirm the power of the falls. The three-story waterfall like the girl’s long hair is combed to coast, very gentle cascade flexible form 3 cascading like her three sisters were first gently comb the hair, as the country wants to embrace all at heart. Waterfall Fish Jumping feeling comfortable and excited, here you will be watching the “fish dance” kick up waterfalls flying on heightened curiosity of visitors.

Sai Nam is not only attracted by the scenery wonderful natural environment, where there are cultural journey exciting when we visit and explore the beauty in the ethnic villages. Each nation is a colorful flower. When people come to the village Xa Pho, Tay and Dao, visitors will encounter ethnic minority enthusiastic hospitality. Tourists visiting someone’s home can attend a dinner with the host, has been enjoying some traditional dishes typical of the region such as: Pipe fish, fried meat or security ferromagnetic bone, cane or bamboo shoots stir-fried with garlic herb flavors subtle shine.

More particularly enjoying both the food by the hands of the people here processing. Guests enjoy delicacies indispensable “hot water”, also known as alcohol. Alcohol distilled from my own self to take tourists to explore the beauty of the village will be sip to feel the severity of alcohol as well as deep feelings of the people here dedicated to her. The girl in the dress with colorful, clear vocals, along with flute, shaking tones … the lullaby folk songs, delivered charming flute, dances towel, cotton dance car woven fabric, buy rice takes visitors into the mysterious labyrinth where forest green, ultramarine sky.

Visiting the village of Xa Pho Nam Sang village, tourists like peanuts walk into a world of colorful flowers before natural deep blue. From the town center is about 2.5 km away, guests will visit the Xa Pho people across a suspension bridge and a wooden bridge, at the foot of the village’s rice mortars with water power clock dedication to help people retire rice. English rhythm Baseball happy to listen to ear as the sound remotely impressive welcome.

In the village of Xa Pho, visitors can tour the house architectural floor 3 times, up and down stairs are made of bamboo made bridge, not up and down stairs as the Tay. Bungalow house roof Xa Pho usually won, the floor is inlaid with bamboo or cane; when we walked in and go back feeling walking on the keyboard, hear the sound of our own performances, exciting feeling. The house architecture with rustic simplicity, but a lot of underlying cultural values ​​make the community distinctive Xa Pho.

With its natural beauty and cultural identity of ethnic Nam Sai gave a colorful picture, adorned beauty of Sapa. This is an impressive destination, not to be missed by travelers in the journey of the Northwest.

Pls booking tours to Sapa and Take a visit to the Nam Sai, visitors will feel natural beauty – the ecological and cultural identity of ethnic intriguing.

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