Self-sufficiency in Sapa Tourism

Self-sufficiency in Sapa Tourism

Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai Province, a hidden land of many wonders of the natural scene, man. Sapa Tours – the cloudy town attracts tourists with majestic mountain views, top Phan Si Pang challenging and unique experience for the life of ethnic minorities … To dust to travel Sapa brings you the most interesting things, Best Sapa Travel tips you useful information follows:

Sapa has something invaluable resource that is fresh cool climate, nuanced diversity. Located at an average altitude of 1500m – 1800m, the climate Sa Pa or less the nuances of tropical origin, with average temperatures of 15-18 ° C. From May to August, more rain in Sapa. Last year, when winter comes, can Sapa temperature below 0 degrees, sometimes snowy.

The best time to go to sapa
Sapa in late August, September and beautiful terraces or after you go to the Lunar New Year to see the cherry blossoms blooming Sapa, the green fields. Generally a good time for tourists to travel here is from September to November or from February to 5 times the sunny days, cool nights, very convenient to the exploration of Sapa.

In the winter season from December to about February weather becomes very cold, especially at night when the north-east. But in return you’ll be watching the beautiful sunrise over the high valley in the early morning. If you’re lucky, you can watch the snow firsthand.

Hotel in Sapa
Hotels in Sapa is plentiful with relatively good service. At VietLuxTravel.Com, 1 star hotels to 5 star in Sapa have room rates from $25 / night or more.

Attractions in Sapa
After the beach trip, you can unwind with a trip vu tourism in Sapa. Sapa, travelers will have different experiences. Around the town of Sapa with some landmarks, you can walk or ride to the machine such as Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa fair meeting on the evening of 7th and Sunday, Cat Cat Village…

These sights have to move far and quite exhausting as: Phan Si Pang and Hoang Lien national park, waterfalls Silver Sun Gate, which returns the Hmong, the Red Dao Ta Phin’s, Pass Cars You Hu, Lung market brief look at the Thursday morning meeting weekly, Hoang A Tuong nutrition, Cao Son market, Muong Hum market …

What to do when travel Sapa
Sapa Tours will give you the new experience immensely. Schedule to Sapa is waiting for you with exciting activities, hidden surprises and challenges such as Phan Si Pang Conquering visit Bac Ha market, cross the border to China, to the people minorities, walking (trekking) to explore Sapa, is medicine of the Red Dao ethnic, walk the mountain town of Sapa on the night …

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