Thac Bac Water fall Sapa

Thac Bac Water fall Sapa

Thac Bac Water fall (Sapa Silver Waterfall) Sapa town about 12 km. From the canyon hundreds of feet high, roaring waters poured down, hit the white foam as the so -called flower Silver waterfall. From afar had heard the rushing waterfall, repeated echoes in the deep forest growing more sense wild and mysterious. Waterfall at near highway, very convenient for travelers…

Remote melodious voice heard springs chase each other down the Silver waterfall. It’s the natural beauty that inspired created many travelers.

After nearly half an hour beyond the winding road, winding, breathing in the mountain wind, hear the birds echoing thousands, makes visitors feel lightheaded posing as being located in Penglai realms. Sapa fruit four seasons, four seasons are soon to unfurl hazy mist. Especially Silver mining areas, will remain chilly summer.

Visitors soak in cool streams, all worries washed, spoiled talk relax under the shade of green forest trail, so everything goes according afflictions Silver cascade.

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The Top Five Tips for a First Trip to Vietnam

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